470 anniversary of Land Forces
On October 1 the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation celebtate the day of the Land Forces.
This year the Land Forces celebrate the 470 anniversary.

Throughout their history, they are reliably on guard of the Fatherland.

Courage and heroism, valor and devotion to the Motherland were fully shown by Land Forces soldiers during the Great Patriotic War, the 75th Victory anniversary of which is celebrated this year.
Comrades soldiers and sailors, sergeants and foremen, ensigns and midshipmen, officers!
Dear employees of enterprises of the military-industrial complex!
Dear veterans!

The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation

General of the Army
Sergey Shoigu
At present, the personnel are honorably fulfilling the responsible tasks facing them, demonstrating decisiveness and skill, the ability to act clearly and harmoniously in the most difficult conditions.

I would like to express special words of gratitude to the veterans, whose selfless service to the Fatherland is an example for the current generation of servicemen.

I congratulate everyone on the holiday, thank you for your impeccable service and selfless work! I wish you good health, prosperity and continued success for the good of Russia!
On behalf of the Military Council of the Main command of the Land Forces and on my own behalf, I congratulate you on the day of the Land Forces!

470 years ago, on the first day of October, an important event took place in Russian military history - the Decree (Sentence) of the Tsar of All Russia Ivan IV (the Terrible) was issued on the creation of the first permanent army - streltsy regiments.

In accordance with the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 31, 2006, this memorable date was marked as the day of the Land Forces.
Dear veterans and military personnel of the Land Forces!
Dear employees of the military-industrial complex!
The historical past of the Land Forces cannot be overestimated. It includes the glorious victories of Peter I in the Battle of Poltava, the brilliant strategic and tactical decisions of General-Field Marshal Rumyantsev and Generalissimo Suvorov in the Russian-Turkish wars, the annexation of the Crimea, the defeat of Napoleon's army, the valor of Russian soldiers on Shipka, the grandiose battles of the First and Second World Wars.

These battles created a unique image of the Russian soldier as a courageous, fearless, persistent, skilled warrior, capable of self-sacrifice in protecting the Motherland from the encroachments of an external enemy. In modern conditions, combined-arms formations and large units of the Land Forces, while maintaining a high level of their combat readiness and combat capability, continue to play an important role in ensuring military security and defending Russia's national interests.

By now, the Land Forces have become a powerful structure that can repel the enemy's offensive, deliver fire strikes, conduct defensive actions, and hold occupied territories. The personnel of the Land Forces persistently work to improve their combat skills, master new weapons and military equipment, find and work out effective forms of use and methods of combat operations in order to guarantee the inviolability of the borders of our homeland.

On this festive day, I wish everyone good health, high achievements in improving combat skills, success in patriotic education of youths, and the creation of highly effective weapons systems for the Land Forces.
The winning word is ours!
Happy holidays!

General of the Army
O. Salyukov
Russian Defence